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dot com--lash-foxbaltimore and on twitter.... "at fox baltimmre". agaii.. it all star. baltimore city fire chief jjmms clack says he may donate his recent pay hike to charity. given to clack by the mayor ee-3 has come under fire---- for it's bad timing.... hile the ccty closee fire houses and rasies health insurance premiums for fire fighhers.nnw clack ssys he wiil donate he foundation...... if rank aad file ffre fighters re not given the same increase in pay mayor has dfended the ct.the raise..... citing a steep decrease in city fire deaths under clack's leadership. thousands of dollars injecting dancers with silicone.... appeared in federal court to be sentenced.feddral prosectors say the woman actually uued super glue..... to keep the non-medical silicone froo leaking out. out.crime and jussice reporter joy lepola live outside the federal courthouse here the joy?ence was uss handed down. kimberly smedley was sentenced to hree years. in federal court.incue:agologized for her action over an 8 ear period.... the east coast injecting wooen often secretly meet with d custome
reported four years ago. the city of baltimore is getting hundreds of millions of dollars from wells fargo bank to settle claims that the company had been engaging in discriminatory lending practices. kai reed is live outside city hall. we hear this is the second- largest beer lending settlement in the department's history. >> that is correct. the lawsuit first filed by the city of baltimore back in 2008 alleged that wells fargo steered minority home buyers into subprime loans simply because of the color of their skin. a settlement agreement has been made that includes a payout of $175 million in several metropolitan areas. 34,000 victims were identified and the lawsuits nationwide. the 1000 from the baltimore area will receive a total of $2.50 million in restitution. wells fargo will also provide four 0.5 borrows million to this city for lending assistance program -- $4.5 million to the city for lending assistance programs. the celebrated the victory this afternoon at city hall. >> today, it is not about the past. puts aside our legal challenges allows us to move forward palaver tillery o
cigarettes the average price is now more than $5 a pack. >>> new, baltimore city will receive seven and a half million dollars of a 175 million-dollar settlement with wells fargo over accusations it discriminated against minorities, in violation of fair labor laws in 36 states. baltimore filed the suit in 2008 because of the subprime lending practices targeted minority neighborhoods in the city. >> if you are african american or latino, you are more likely to be placed in a subprime loan or pay more for the mortgage loan though you are qualified and deserved better treatment. >> they have agreed to commit to lending more than 400 million in baltimore city for the next five-years with more than 100 million for low and moderate income residents. >>> new report showed foreclosures are up from 26% from the end of last year. california based report says that one in 300 homes in foreclosure in maryland. they report there is about a 8% drop from this time a year ago. >>> that pit bulldog rolling in maryland is on hold after the court ruled that pit bull owners would be liable if the dog
an accident to tell you about in baltimore city. right an pulaski highway at crescent street. parkville here at harford road everything up to speed. nothing to get in your way this morning. that will be the same case over on the west side of the beltway as we check in and take a live look actually first let's look in parkville. no problems getting up to # 83. and here's what the west side looks like at baltimore national pike. you'll notice everything nice and clear here as well and traffic picking up in the area right around the outer loop at liberty road though. only 95 as we pull up the drive times no concerns in white marsh, four minute trip from 43 down to the beltway. 95 nice and clear from the fort mchenry tunnel. from the beltway to the toll plaza eight minute ride and 83 no problems whatsoever on the jfx from the beltway to east fayette street 11 minute ride. megan and charlie, over to you. >>> today drivers in baltimore county will have four new speed cameras to worry about and remember this. you can see the locations on your screen -- now the cameras will be active from 6:00 a.m.
in comes at an north baltimore. wells fargo will grant the city $3 million in annual funds for local housing initiatives. >> an employee of a colombian nonprofit is under investigation tonight after a search warrant was served on the columbia housing corporation. lowell melser joins us live from howard county police headquarters with details. >> we have been able to confirm that howard county police detectives are looking into one employee at the nonprofit columbia housing corporation. at this point they will not reveal what it is about. if you did not know where to look, you would probably miss it. tucked away in a corner lot in this industrial park in colombia is the headquarters of the columbia housing corporation. according to its web site, it is the premier nonprofit agency in howard county, providing safe, high-quality, affordable rental housing to low and moderate income families and those who are physically and mentally challenged. so why would police served a warrant their wednesday? >> we did receive an allegation of possible improper activity. we have not arrested or charg
. >> protesters rallied against proposed tax breaks for the superblock project in west baltimore. the city board of estimates gave a thumbs-up to the project. the waiver would be followed by five years of incremental tax increases. the dispute between the mayor and joan pratt continues. pratt contends she is circumventing the procurement process using the phone equipment. >> what do i want a response to her comment. the contract saves the city money. >> in motion for a new phone system contract with ibm was -- >> the attorney for julius henson wants his client released from jail. his attorney filed a request citing the health of henson's mother. he is serving a 60-day jail sentence. a judge has denied that request. -- will learn the before the findings are release, at several key figures are defending themselves in the court of public opinion. we have the latest from state college, pennsylvania. >> as jerry sandusky sits in a jock, some 08 another verdict. >> the mandate is clear. >> and state hired louis free -- ree. state hired louis fo >> this examination will look into any gaps and -- >> the
remains in the cecil county jail on the $200,000 bond. >>> baltimore city fire chief jim clack makes the decision regarding his controversial pay raise. his new contract gives him an 18% salary jump by 2018. the move has caused an uproar in the fire union since it comes as some firecompanies are being closed. today, chief clack says that firefighters do not get their pay raise, he will donate his to the city fire department's fire foundation. >>> well, we are enjoying another day of beautiful weather. lots of sunshine, with some scattered clouds. not too hot out there. just really perfect. meteorologist tim williams is updating our first warning conditions. >> >> we are looking at high pressure solidly in control in our forecast. but we have rain not too far from the south. but what that means is that clouds have been cast in our direction as a result of all of that shower activity and storms. all along that stationary front. that front was our friend. it's the front that changed all of our dynamics from the 100- degree temperatures a week ago. but it stalled to the south. clouds and
decades on the baltimore city police force. but now an officer is forced to resign in disgrace. mary is in the newsroom with more on this case. >> reporter: the detective and her daughter both pleaded guilty today to theft. police sayanderson undercharged her mother. as she brought groceries at this food depot. a security officer spotted what was going on and alerted managers. today, early received probation judgment. early must serve three months probation. >>> anderson received six months supervised probation. air a woman who injected potentially deadly substances. wjz is live in federal court. mike hellgren with more on the sentence and reaction to it. mike? >> vic, she says she was just trying to feed her family and told the judge she accepted responsibility. in addition to those three years, she get a $25,000 fine, far less than the $2 fifty,000 fine the government wanted. can't say anything. >> she said she was just trying to get people to feel better about themselves. never realizing the danger. federal prosecutors say it was industrial grade. the kind used in paint and furnit
... the fight... ovve a pricey neww phone system for baltimore city hall. hall.the plan that was rejected... after the break. p(bump out)) ♪ [ telephone rings ] how's the camping trip? well, the kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. ♪ the best part of wakin' up what are you doing? having coffee. ohh. ♪ is folgers in your cup more controversy over the telephone system at city hall. government officials that's launched at leest one city morning's cover story - - two separate connracts for high-tech phone seevice have &pled to countless questions about ethics... he law... and how your ttx dollars are being . spent. 3(commtroller) 03:23:00 "and the taxpayers should be outraged and innan uproaa that this type f activity is taking place today before thhs board."verbal sparks continue to fly... in ccty hall.... (mmyoo) 03:28:04 "and i'm morning.... tte comptroller's 8-million dollar plan for a new phone system... gets voted down...03:33:08 - "i vote yes. no, no, no. i vote yes. the motion ails."aaterwwrds, an attorney for i-b-m... addressed the mayor - and &pothers who voted a
million dollars to settle a pricing discriminationnsuit. suit.baltimore city sued the mortgage giant for subprime lendiig practices targeting minority neighborhoods.the lawssit claims they steered blackkand hispanii borrowers into bad loans... resulting in mass foreclosures. "iq:peopll with similar qualifications should be the color of their skin." 3kin." 3&under the landmarkkdeal, wells fargo will pay the ciiy 7.5 millions dollars. the rest will go toward compensation for borrowerr and direct doon payment assistance for discrimination victims in neiggborhoods that were hit hard by the housing crisis. a woman who made hundreds of thousands of dollars njecting dancers with silicone... has innprison..federal prossctors s say the woman actualll ussd super glue..... to kkep the non-medical silicone from llaking out out kimberly smedley left members. over an 8 yeer period.... smmdley traveled up and down the east coast injecting wmen with illigal silicone. records showw pmedley would often secretly meet with customee... in hotee rooms. one cleint however from baltimore ended up in t
in baltimore city that you want to watch out for. it's going to be rice on pulaski highway at crescent street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. >>> it's 6:30 right now. and much anticipated report into how penn state handled the jerry sandusky case is going to be released today. >> abc2 news linda so is here this morning with a preview of what we can learn in a few hours. >> reporter: yeah the report could reveal who knew what and when they knew it about the sandusky dais and if they did enough to stop it. an independent group led by former fbi director has been investigating penn state's role for the past seven months, they will be released this morning at 9:00. the report is expects to reveal if former football coach joe paterno and other top penn state officials tried to hide sex abuse allegations involving sandusky. the report is expected to be up to 200 pages long and focus on school officials and the role school culture may have played in allowing the abuse to continue for so long. >> committed to ensuring that our independent investigation b
so, abc2 news. >>> 5:31 right now. search for a new baltimore city police commissioner continues. however officials from the union have already come up with a blue print for improving the department. they have come up with a plan to help cut crime and taxes. union leaders say the recent success in cutting vie will not crime could be jeopardized if the department doesn't enhance its recruits and benefits. >> if you have an fop here saying we don't need more police. what we need is better policing, a better deployment of the resources and taking better care of the police officers on the street who've got the job done for you over the last four or five years. >> the union has called on the department to require two years of college or military service for new recruits. the fop brought in a consulting group and compared baltimore's police department to those in other cities. >>> well, alcohol may have played a role in a deadly wrong way crash on97. one of them was kelley whitt. she was driving southbound in the northbound lane at ben field road. that shows there was a blood alcohol
landmarks in baltimore may soon be up to sell. but first the city wants to know how much money they will bring in. >> the city is weighing the cost of selling 5 of its historic sites. some of the properties are abandoned and old. the water tower is on the list. built back in 1905, the tower became defunct in 1930 and has fallen in grave disrepair. many residents say that the water tower belongs to the public. >> it's a part of baltimore and it's a historic long island markhistoric landmark. >> cenk: this is crazy what are they going to do, sell the washington monument next? it has something to do with libor. several areas across the country may have been effected by the libor. what happened, they said that libor sets the interest rates that a lot of these cities use for their financial products. so when they set the interest rates low they colluded to do that apparently, then the city got less money. peter shapiro explained it this way. unambiguously state and local government agencies lost money because of the manipulations of libor. the number is likely to be very, very big.
over the raise for the baltimore city fire chief. the board of estimates approved a new contract that i want cludz a raise -- that includes a raise of 18% by 2018. the raise caused an uproar in the union. today the chief said if firefighters do not get their raise he will donate his to the city department's fire foundation. >>> a surprise sentencing for a woman in federal court this morning. the feds say she injected a potentially dangerous form of silicone into the butt of several clients. mike hellgren is live. >> reporter: good afternoon. kim ber berly it -- kimberly smedly faces a lot of jail time. the key witness turned on the prosecution. >> one of kimberly's supports told reporters to go home as she left the courthouse for what was supposed to be a quick sentencing hearing. she pleaded guilty earlier this year for her role in what federal prosecutors say was an operation injecting the butt of women with central grade silicone. >> you can't inject it into somebody's body. >> the sentencing went array when prosecutors called her exboyfriend to testify for them. they already secure
:47 right now. and there's a new blueprint for improving the baltimore city police department. the fraternal order of police created a plan to cut crime and taxes. union leaders say that the department needs to enhance recruiting and officer benefits if they want to continue with recent success in cutting violent crime. >> you have an fop here saying we don't need more police. what we need is better policing, a better deployment of the resources and taking better care of the police officers on the street who got the job done for you over the last four, five years. >> wants the department to require new recruits to have completed either two years of college or military service. the union brought in a consulting group and compared the city's police department to those in other major cities to come up with the list of recommendations. >>> hundreds of public service workers in scranton, pennsylvania including the mayor have now cut their pay to minimum wage. the mayor went against the court order when he slashed the wages. he says the city had no choice with a $16 million deficit and simply can'
following the retirement. >>> five minutes after 5:00 right now. baltimore city fire chief james crack is getting a raise. the board of estimates approved the increase yesterday at a meeting. he will receive incremental salary increases each january through 2018. the raise request comes at a time when two fire companies were forced to close due to money problems. a third one is set to close in october. >>> it is 5:05 on thursday morning. you probably heard the staying everything in -- saying everything in moderation. >> yeah this morning how moderation can benefit women especially with alcohol. >> also a bull shark scares one woman and steals her catch. lynette? >> rain showing on "good morning maryland" as of now. i'll tell you if we get some change in the forecast coming up. lauren? >> well, lynette everything is up to speed on 895 at o'donnell street. i'll let you know in that's the same case -- if that's the same case out on the beltway here on "good morning maryland." >>> nine minutes after 5:00. you have to see this. who says fishing isn't exciting? sarah was reaching in a catch
zero in new york city. that is a total of 641 miles. we caught up with them in baltimore today, as they ran through our city. the run will raise money for the wiewrnded warrior project that helps-- wounded warrior project that helps raise money for injured servicemen. >> good luck to them. >> semper fi. >>> still ahead. missing from capitol hill. what is keeping congressman jesse jackson, jr., from work. and what his father is saying today. >>> fierce flooding and rain fills up texas and one roadside rescue. >>> i remember wanting to get there. >> the victim turns into the rescuer. how an injured surgeon's quick thinking helped save a paramedic's life. >>> it is a mild summer afternoon. but could the heat be getting cranked back up? well, tim hinted at it. stay with us. your updated first warning weather forecast is coming up. ,,,, hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> it's partly cloudy. 85 degrees in central maryland right now. the complet
will become the county's first police chief on august 1st. >>> baltimore city oos 's -- city's fire chief is going to get a raise. >> if we're all going to suck this up, we need to start now. i don't think chief plaque or his command staff should take the raise. >> the city council approved a new 6 year contract for the chief. by the end of the deal his salary will be more than $28,000 higher than his current pay. the fire union was critical of the deal at the time when three city fire companies just closed due to budget constraints. >>> local leaders have few questions after last month's storm left hundreds of thousands without power for days. what changes lawmakers and customers are demanding. >> heavy rain and hurricane like wind destroyed neighborhoods and left millions without power across the mid atlantic. >> oh, it was hot. it was terrible. >> viola powers lost service for several days. in this neighborhood things were worse. >> people who drove around said it looks like it's the epicenter. >> now city and county leaders are being bge one main question. >> what else can they be doi
anyone who syas that you nned &pmore bodies to make baltimore a safer city. no you need to adust our game plan instead of hirinn ore officers... the union suugesss better pay for thooe lready on theeforce. pnthony 14:00:09 for five consscutive years in a row we've reduced crrme to decade success ii working and it for to tinner with that straggy role education.... or lack there of can play in ii..... has also become a poinn of contention... the unnin wants ooly college educated recruuts. stand up12:19:10 another area the union brings is redrawiig the police bourndaries. the where the union argues is too crimm riden and tooobig for the numberrof officers assigned tt patrol it..union) 10:41:06 so you have an ffp that's here saying you don't need more police what e need issbetter policing better deployment of our ersources and taking better care of the phat got the job done for you. whether .... any of the unions sweeping reformssare applied will eeup to the mayor and new policc commissioner whoever that may be to consider.joy lepola fox 5 newssat ten. the mayor'ssofficc issued a
. >> dozens of processors gathered outside about the super block project in west baltimore. the city board of estimates gave a thumbs-up to the proposal. a waiver would be followed by five years of incremental tax increases. the full city council still needs to approve that council. the dispute between the mayor and the comptroller continues. pratt contends that the mayor is circumventing the procurement process with the phones. >> they want a response to her. you don't have to vote no to a contract -- >> during the meeting, a motion for a new phone system contract with ibm was rejected. the door was left open for some further negotiations. >> take a look at this video. crews were called to cherry hill on wednesday evening. a mat caught fire and spread throughout the playground. penn state has an investigation into the jerry sandusky situation. we have the latest from state college, pennsylvania. >> as jerry sandusky sits in a jail, some await another verdict. >> our mandate is clear. >> penn state hired louis freeh in november to lead an independent investigation into the school's handli
. >>> and the board of estimates has approved a pay raise for baltimore city fire chief james clack. clack will receive increment sal salary increases through january of 2018. the raise request comes at the time when two fire companies were forced to close due to budgetary problems, a third remains open through october. that's a look at your news, weather and traffic. another check of weather and traffic in a half hour. until then back to new york for "good morning america." have a great day. >>> oh, my. >> as we continue to watch this video. i mean, you think you have a fish. you do have a fish. and the shark says, no. that's my fish. >> it is the shark's fish. >> it is the shark's fish. the surprising family vacation. and we're going to talk to them live. they're good enough to join us via skype on vacation. can they hear the music? we're going to talk to them. >> don't go back in the water. >>> also, ahead, katie and suri. see them on camera there. a little day at the zoo. there they are. went to the zoo. had a good day together. we're going to look at suri's life after her parents' spl
. >> is there any doubt in your mind that these banks hurt the city of baltimore? >> absolutely no doubt. we cannot stand by when we feel that we are being cheated. >> reporter: stephanie rawlings-blake says the libor manipulation hurt america's cities at the worst possible time, the height of the recession. as the city balanced a budget deficit by closing fire stations, recreational centers and schools, the mayor says the banks added to the deficit with artificially low-interest rates that underpaid the city on investments. officials estimate the loss at up to several million dollars. >> reporter: given the deficit that you faced to begin with, 65, 68 million dollars, are you saying the banks piled on. >> you're talking about 1 or 2 million dollars that, you know, that fire company, that's recreation centers, that's, you know, services that our city needs and we're going to fight for that. >> reporter: in downtown baltimore the head of the firefighters union, michael campbell says the closing of some fire stations slowed down the response to fires. >> the center closed today and nobody is there, i
means that landlords cannot evict tenants for owning pit bulls. >>> baltimore's city fire chief getting a raise. the city council approved a new 6 year contract. by the ended -- end of the deal his salary will be $28,000 higher than his current pay. three city fire companies just closed due to budget constraints. >>> ann arundel county police are forced to use a taser on a man running naked through the street. police found james frederick brown partly nude. police say he threatened officers resisted arrest and it took several officers and a taser ♪ ♪ >>> welcome back to "cbs this morning." the enchanting unusual broadway musical "once" took home eight tony awards last month, including best musical. >> oscar independent film in 1996. tells the story of an irish musician and immigrant drawn together by love of music. >> the show's gifted star, steve kazee and cristin milioti are here. >> great to have you here. full disclosure, anybody associated with this show i became obsessed after seeing it. this is a lot of people feel go in not knowing what to expect and walk out of
. i am mindy basara. here is a look at one of our top stories. the baltimore city board of estimates approves a new contract and pay raise for fire chief james clack. jack young and joan pratt voted against the agreement. it comes the same week two fire companies shut down and the third is set to close this fall. >> typical summer day in baltimore. warm, not to humid. highs in the upper eighties to around 90 but perhaps a better chance for rain beginning of next week.
with temperatures back into the 60s in many spots. 75 in baltimore. 74 ocean city and 72 fredericksburg. kind of partly to mostly sunny skies. and high temperatures where they should be, 89 in washington. 90 fredericksburg. changes in the forecast this weekend, details in a minute. tony and allison, back to both of you. >>> tucker, thank you. new this morning, in a few minutes, the internal report into the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal is expected to be released. it's from a team led by a former fbi director. they interviewed hundreds of people to find out how penn state university responded to warning signs that the former defensive coordinator was a serial child molester. a letter has surfaced from joe paterno and writes the issue is not a football scandal, but academic scandal. >>> more evidence is expected to be released today in the shooting death of trayvon martin. it will include statements from witnesses, police reports and notes and george zimmerman's calls to police. zimmerman was released from jail after posting bail last friday. he shot martin in february. he maintains he did i
with indecent exppsure and drug poosession. the police union in baltimore thinks the city should only hire officers who have college degrees or a baakground. it's just one of several recommendations in a report the f-o-p just released. the 15 page document identtfies sevve areas of weaknesses within the department. union leaders bblieve... better educated recruits .... will help eliminate corruption within the epaatmeet. 14:07:40 listen burnie maddof had a college degree there are people who commit crimes that have degrees specific to the towing incident all the officers that were involved in that didn't haveeanything in their backgrounds :51 ...what the mayor said about the plann..tonight oo the late edition at 11 can'ttdo ii all.we want to ps - &pknow how áyouá are fighting back. against crime?tell us... what you're doing in youu pommunity... tt clean up the streets....//all 410-662-1456. pit bull ownnrs should bb safe from eviccion for the tiie being... inn pite of a recent court uling that labeled the breed as inherently dangerous. dangerous.the attorney general's ffice sayy t
and will challenge anyone who says thht you need mor b odies on the street to make baltimore a safer city no you need to adjust your game plan ;29 ;29 mayor stephanie rawlings lakk's officc issued a statement....sayiig her office will thoroughly review the recommendations. a funeral home in south carolina is selling more ttan just coffins and uuns. urns.people mourning the loss to uy coffee and food... fromm a "starbucks" store recently puilt áinsidee the uneral home.the owner says he thinks &pit will hhlp soothe the pain of losing loved ooe. "if this provides them a little escape nd givee them a break from the sttess they're going through, then that's what it's all about. it's to mmke them feel better." (nats) (natssthis is the town's first-ever starbuckk.bbt 3 because it isn't a full-sizzd store... starbucks signs cannot be displayed outside of his building. mcdonalddss"special sauce" is nnt so secret anymorr... after spilled the beans on youtubee youtube.:44-:51 "here i have garllc powder, onion powddr, and he paprika..the paprika giies it a ittle flavor, but it also helps to enhance t
with ways to raise money. the city of baltimore has an unusual idea, considering selling ads to put on fire trucks. city council committee says the ad revenue may prevent the closing of several fire stations but critics say it won't raise enough money. first we thought waits a dumb idea until this. what do you think? clever advertising? or silly? anyway we had fun witness. if extra drivers are needed just give me a call. see? i can drive a fire truck. you thought i
around said this looked like it was the epicenter. >> reporter: now city and county leaders are asking them one main question. >> what else can they be doing to prepare us better when these instances occur? >> reporter: baltimore county xekstive kevin cammanat is pa part of one of north carolina's largest commissions. they ask the pfc to prep the companies on several issues. >> reporter: because most of the outages were caused by falling trees, one of the most important things they need to look at is the idea of burying power lines in certain neighborhoods. >> we would like to have better information from bge as to where outages have taken place so we can send our resources out there to offer assistance. >> reporter: county leaders say while they know burying lines is an expensive option, they still think it's something that needs to be looked at. >> governor o'malley has also sported investigating buried tower lines. >>> prison tazed a man to stiphim from running around naked. officers found 36-year-old james frederick brown partly nude on the highway this morning. place say he threat
baltimore's mayor took some peat wednesday ovee her decision to give the fire chief raise... at the same time she is shutting down city's board of estimates &papproved two percenttraise for fire chief james clack weenesday. the mayor deffnded the pay hike, citing a decreese in fire deaths nder leaders took aim at the timingg of the raise... arguing it wws they're askinn clack to give 3 p0:41:07(sot with mike campbell)"this truly is kick in the stomach of eecc offmy forgooten. chief cllck hould show true leadership by refusing the raise until the rrnk and file rceieve one" raise also comes as thier members are being askkd to pay higher premiums for hhalth anticipation is building this morning... over what will be released in he jerry sandusky .. penn state sex abuse report. as andrew spencer explaans... aa internal review into how the school handled tte allegations is due out just hours from nnw. now. "the allegationssthat have that have been brought ree extraordinarily serious."louis freeh's inneeendent novvmber.penn state's board of trrstees hired the former fbb director and
. baltimore, 67. winchester, 63 degrees. that is nice. 73 in ocean city. always nice in ocean city this time year. looking at the forecast, sunshine for all of us. high temperatures in the upper 80s to about 90. we'll be 89 in washington. 90 in fredericksburg this afternoon. >> okay. thank you, tucker. >>> before we get to julie, we'll talk about this traffic situation that we want to tell you about. there is a nifty early morning accident in prince george's county. >> the southbound lanes of route 210 are closed at barry road in accokeek, maryland. police believe one of the vehicles may have been traveling in the wrong direction on 210. let's get more from julie wright. >> good morning. yes, the southbound lanes remain closed off at this time. the northbound stretch of the highway according to police has been reopened. there is an ongoing investigation that is taking place right now. southbound 210 between barry road and the county line, northbound traffic is able to get by at this hour with very little delay. that will impact your commute coming in out of charles county. also on the beltwa
. 80 in annapolis, a little cooler as you get toward the bay. ocean city a cool spot with that easterly flow. temperatures right now near 70 degrees. the tube point makes a it great difference. -- dew point makes a great difference. in the mid-50's for baltimore. closer to the water, mid--60 for annapolis. current weather pattern showing just a few thin clouds in the sky. most of the clouds are off the eastern shore. we have more clouds coming in from virginia. a couple sprinkles trying to show up on the radar. mostly just an error in the radar but there are more showers showing up to the south. this is causing heavy rain from tennessee toward texas. it is stationary, not moving much. it is going to sit in place for the next couple of days. areas of low pressure helped enhance the rain in a few locations. we are waiting for this to push up north and for a second friend to come in. this is all going to push to the east and -- second front to come in. this is all going to push to the east and we can get some much- needed rain. 87 in dallas. 90 in kansas city. 80 in the mid atlantic. much
now, is when it happens. you can live it through our twitter picture. it happens with other cities with grid patterns like baltimore and chicago. let me give you those dates so you know. in chicago, september 25th. in particular, march 12th and around september 2nd. the question i ask, was new york designed by space aliens? that has nothing to do with it. it has to do with the grid pattern and the sun sets right between there. here, the heat returns as we get back into the east coast. washington, d.c., new york city, all going back in the 90s. the heat comes back on sunday. washington, d.c., about saturday into sunday. hasn't it been a nice break to get temperatures and lower humidities. the 80s and lower humidities. here's where thunderstorms could light up. bismarck, fargo, sioux falls. you'll see the strongest storms during the day today. >> all that weather was brought to you by florida's natural orange juice. you're right, george. yesterday would have been the day. >> i'll mark it on my calendar for next year. >> the incredible thing that happened yesterday. sorry you missed i
. nice and quiet. a few clouds across portions of the southeast of the viewing area here. ocean city, rehoboth, little cloud cover. otherwise, nice looking start. should be in for partly to mostly sunny skies here by late morning. reagan national, 72 degrees. look at all the 60s. 65 in baltimore. 61 this morning in winchester. that's fantastic. 72 in ocean city. one of our coolest mornings yet this month. going to be a nice day. still will be warm with highs in the upper 80s to about 90. with lots of sunshine, not expecting much in the way of humidity, should feel good. 89 in washington. 90 fredericksburg. details on the weekend forecast in a minute. let's do traffic. julie wright has the latest. good morning. >> we're checking in with skyfox in just a moment, but we can show you the commute now along northbound 395 definitely below speed working past duke street continuing towards seminary road. remains heavy and steady at this point. i think we have skyfox with us again. they were above northbound i- 95. working northbound this morning you'll find the lanes are open, but the pace i
temperatures so far this month. 65 in baltimore. nice start. sentinel radar, nice and quiet. a little moisture streaming off the lower eastern shore. there is a little cloud cover here nurse watching down towards ocean city and the beaches this morning. otherwise, we're waking up with a mix of clouds and some sunshine. the sun will win out today. it should be a mostly sunny day by late morning, early afternoon and a good-looking day. off to our south, this is our front from sunday. remember, it came through as a cold front. it has just been hanging up here foyer couple of days. we are not concerned about any shower or thunderstorm activity but the front will start to work back towards us as a warm front. you notice the humidity creeping up this tomorrow and the possibility. showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast starting tomorrow right through the weekend. all right, today, 89. lots of sunshine. gorgeous day, wind south and east at about five to 10. later tonight, partly cloudy and mild. we'll take it. 73degrees. clouds around tomorrow so we'll keep the temperatures in the 80s but coul
. metropolitan washington, d.c., chicago, baltimore, philadelphia, the oakland-san francisco bay area, new york city, cleveland, and riverside, san bernard mediacom and riverside california. ere e are areas that work impacted by these practices. in addition, wells fargo has agreed to conduct a review of a subset of its loans during the period of 2004 to 2008 to identify any prime qualified african-american or latino retail customer who was improperly placed in a subprime loans. wells fargo will compensate them in an amount similar to the amounts paid to them who received improperly, subprime loans, from the wholesale division. all amounts paid to retail customers will be in addition to the $125 million in relief for the wholesale customers. while the government must be a credible deterrent to those who would choose to violate our laws, the best policing is that that comes from within. the success of thoughtful and copper has of compliance work is reflected in the fact the vast majority of lenders across the united states are not violating the law. that is why i believe wells fargo should be com
. unfortunate city council passed a budget based on borrowing and is unwilling to fund it. stay in the moment sanya focus lolo, focus let's do this i am from baltimore south carolina... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. bill: so meet a baseball player who caught something, out of this world. the new jersey man says he was walking off the field when what he thinks is a meteorite fell in front of him. it was cold when he picked it up and used a magnet to conduct his own test. he says nasa is calling and they want to take a look at it. take a listen. >> they were all excited. they contacted me. they want to get a sample of the rock see where origin is from, a asteroid belt or how old might be. very interesting. it was weird. i'm glad it didn't hit me. bill: yeah. more than a foul ball, isn't it? the ballplayer is not sure what to do with it. friends are urging him to put it on ebay. martha: come on, hold onto it. that he will get another one tho
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